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The Jason Williams Option

Sounds like White Chocolate is un-retiring.

Jason Williams, the once-flashy veteran point guard, has filed a letter with the NBA to seek immediate reinstatement into the league, an internal NBA memo revealed on Thursday.

If the NBA’s Board of Governors approves his petition, which was sent to the league’s 30 teams on Wednesday, Williams could become a productive free agent for contenders needing point guard depth. League executives immediately speculated that Williams could return to the Miami Heat, who he helped win the 2006 NBA championship, or the defending champion Boston Celtics.

Will the Celtics really be interested? I'm guessing that they'll put him on the list.

We'll hear a lot of names tossed around in association with the Celtics over the next week or so, and all of them will be evaluated and prioritized by the team. We have two spots open and a few much publicized needs. The team needs to get the right guys at the right price (perhaps bidding against the Cavs and others teams).

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