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Celtics Stuff Live 2/22: Kelly Dwyer

Nipping on the heels of a sweet win at this afternoon's trackmeet game in Phoenix against the Suns, Celtics Stuff Live went on the air in the midst of a huge snowstorm in northern New England. The events of the past week, and the week to come, left plenty to talk about with the Celtics positioning themselves to make the necessary moves to add to their roster and the chat room was hopping as a result.

Kelly Dwyer of Yahoo Sports' Ball Don't Lie blog joined Jon and Justin to break down the events surrounding the trade deadline, and in a bit of a surprise, Kelly was not disappointed with the lack of a move from the Cleveland Cavaliers. Kelly and Jon were similarly surprised at the amount of support the Magic have been receiving as a result of trading for Rafer Alston... a top team in the East, the Magic are no longer. Before hanging up with us, Kelly gave his full throated endorsement of the Celtics going after Joe Smith and noted, correctly, how the Cavaliers did not use Smith to the fullest of his abilities a year ago.  Those unfamiliar with Joe Smith should take that as a good thing.

In the second hour, callers and voice mails ruled the day as comments and questions flowed from all around in response to the events of the past week. CSL staff writer, Jack Jemsek, called in to put in a pitch for a veteran wingman to back up Pierce and Allen as the Celtics primary need at this late date, while "Aaron from Albany" left a voice mail wondering why Stephon Marbury would be a good addition to the team at this late date.

One week from now the buyout deadline will be reached, and we will finally have some clarity as to who will be on the Celtics roster to win Banner 18. We shall see if any of those on that list are amongst the names we've discussed ad nauseum for the last six months.

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