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Mikki Moore - Good First Impression

You'll have to excuse the lateness of this brief analysis, but I DVR'd the Clippers game and when I saw the outcome I questioned the usefulness of actually watching the game.  I ended up with little to do last night so I skimmed through the game, fast forwarding often.  My thinking was that I could at least see Mikki Moore's first action in a Celtics uniform (and perhaps Gabe's last, but that's another story).

I gotta say, I like this guy.  Keep in mind, my expectations are locked in at a very low level.  I don't expect him to rebound much.  I don't expect him to block a ton of shots.  I do expect him to pick up his share of fouls. 

In fact, I don't expect he'll do much besides hit an open jumper from time to time, run around the court with energy, and just sort of be tall.  But you know what?  I'll take all 3 of those things on this team and be very happy.

Hitting the open midrange jumper is something that the coaching staff has been trying to get Big Baby to be more consistent with all year.  It is something that KG does exceedingly well so it bodes well for the consistency of the offense when someone else can fill in for that role.

Running around like the second coming of Waltah McCarty is wonderful.  If Patrick O'Bryant could have done this, he would never have left town.  I can't wait to see how many Tommy Points he gets.

I love Leon and Baby.  They are both better overall players than Mikki.  But sometimes you simply need someone who's long and tall and can match up better with the bigs in this league.  Mikki gives Doc another option and a guy to rotate in - especially with all the injuries that we are dealing with.

It is early yet, but as long as we all manage our expectations of Mikki, I think we'll enjoy the Moore era.

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