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Celtics Stuff Live 3/1: Mike Gorman and Jon Jennings

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The Celtics had yet another Sunday contest against a conference rival, but this time the Detroit Pistons emerged as the victors as the C's seek to find health and continuity for their remade bench. Glen Davis came up big for the team with a seemingly unending run 18 foot jumpshot after 18 foot jumpshot, and Paul Pierce rebounded with a very solid effort despite his recently dislocated thumb. However, the Pistons played like the Pistons of old and defended like they used to, so win was not in the cards.

After breaking down the game with BBIQ's Eric Weiss, who attended the game in person, Celtics Stuff Live welcomed former Celtics assistant coach and President and General Manager of Maine Baskebtall LLC Jon Jennings. Last week, the NBA Developmental League announced the creation of an expansion franchise that will play next season in Portland, Maine and while the league did not announce which NBA franchise the new team would be affiliated with, it is widely assumed the Celtics will get the call. Jennings gave us a step in the world of a man responsible for starting up a professional basketball franchise in a little over six months. From ordering a new parquet floor for the Portland Expo to setting up tryouts for the team's dance team (ED NOTE: Justin and Jon have been promised the inside track here, with or without a free t-shirt), there is a lot of work left to be done, and only six months with which to do it. Be sure to check out this week for more information as the team rolls out its contest to name the franchise.


With a winter storm bearing down on the northeast, longtime CSL guest Mike Gorman was a tad delayed in his journey home, but Justin was able to make contact with him and Mike was generous to share a few moments with us after his long drive. Three weeks on the road is an eternity in the NBA, but those trips usually help define a team's goals. Mike reported to Jon and Justin that the time the C's spent on the road, and the accompanying injuries, help refocus the team from aiming towards the best record in the league to getting everyone healthy and bringing Mikki Moore and Stephon Marbury into the fold. Mike also elaborated on his comments from two weeks ago about not being interested in Carmelo Anthony for a "bag of balls." Before wrapping with Mike, Justin relayed an email from the "Sexy Scottsman" who asked about the difficulty of watching the national telecasts of Celtics games and it must be difficult for Mike to not notice areas of the broadcasts that either he or Tommy could do better given their familiarity with the team. Needless to say the idea of putting Mike and Tommy on national broadcasts of Celtics games proved to be a winner with those in the chat.

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