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Starting Five - 2/3

A string of injuries hit the league in the last couple of days, so today's Starting Five has a running theme.

  • Bynum is out 8 - 12 weeks with a torn MCL.  (Don't call it "karma")  Kobe decided to make Laker fans feel better by dropping 61 on the Knicks.  At least one writer thinks that's a bad thing for LA.
  • Jameer Nelson dislocated his shoulder last night.  So the debate begins on who will replace him.  Ray?  Rondo?  Mo Williams?
  • The Sixers come to town host the Celts tonight and Elton Brand is still working back into shape after an injury of his own, but he hasn't exactly fit into the team the way everyone envisioned.  "It's a little frustrating, because that's what I was brought here for, and it hasn't come to fruition yet. But we're playing pretty well and I want to continue that, whatever it takes. There's no doubt in my mind that I can get back to that level, to be a difference-maker."
  • We just beat the Pistons in Detroit, and their pride is still hurt (yes, I'm stretching this injury theme as far as it will go).  If you want a good perspective on what is ailing that team, look no further than Matt Watson's latest.
  • The news doesn't sound all that promising on KG.  "He's sick still. He's not well enough to play. We're hoping on Wednesday when we come back we can have a practice and get him up and down the floor, and he can play Thursday and Friday. But if he's not feeling great by (tomorrow), then he won't play in those games either." -- I would think that even if he gets healthy quickly, it would still take at least a few days to get back into playing shape after having the flu.

Bonus link: Chris Paul was also hurt.  In case you didn't notice, Paul is pretty valuable to his team:

The Hornets were leading 72-55 when Paul left the game with 1:30 left in the third quarter.

Portland then outscored New Orleans 26-7 during the next seven minutes, with Jerryd Bayless scoring 13 of his 19 points during the decisive surge.

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