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Now The Real Fun Begins

Lets take a gander at the upcoming schedule, shall we?

2/5 - Lakers - Really doesn't need any explanation.  But I can't say nothing, so here are some links and quick thoughts.

  • FB&G on Bynum's injury and Kobe's 61: "yesterday at noon I felt like I lived in a gulag. Clouds darkened the sky, food was without taste, everything seemed like hard labor. Today the sun has pierced the clouds. Hope has returned."
  • "How often do you hear the phrase, "These two teams really hate each other" anymore? Never. But players and executives have made it clear that dislike and hate need not be major ingredients in rivalries. The thinking that all the friendliness is taking away from the tension and conflict that ramps up the drama of your typical rivalry? That's patently false."
  • On the other hand, we know that Sasha hates the Celtics, and now we learn that Ariza really, really hates the Celtics.
  • Beat LA! Beat LA! Beat LA!

2/6 - @ Knicks - At first glance this is just a forgettable opponent sandwiched between two Western contenders.  However...

2/8 - Spurs - The other team with a great chance of coming out of the West.

And then the team has the next 6 games on the road.

  • None of the games are cakewalks.  New Orleans, Dallas, Utah, Phoenix, Denver...
  • ...ok, the Clippers are a cakewalk.  But still.
  • Thankfully the All Star break breaks up the road trip into two trips.

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