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18 Reasons Why 18 Will Be Hard

NESN has 18 reasons why it will be hard for the Celtics to get banner 18.

Here's some:

6. Make yourself at home. The Celtics have the second-best home mark (24-3) in the NBA, behind the Cavaliers. Whichever team ends up with home-court advantage in the playoffs will be the favorite to get out of the East.

12. Protecting the rock. The Celtics, Nuggets and Kings are averaging 15.8 turnovers per game. Only two teams in the NBA are less careful with the ball: the Suns (16.3) and Thunder (16.7). That’s not exactly the company of champions.

17. Burden of great expectations. The Celtics were the underdog last June. Now, anything less than another championship amounts to failure. That kind of pressure can be a good thing or a crusher.

18. Luck. If winning a championship were easy, everyone would be wearing bling. But it takes more than talent to cross the finish line in first. A little help from a leprechaun never hurts. Anyone need a job?

There’s still a lot of basketball to be played. May the best team win it all.

By the way, you've got to love the NESN ads on the site these days.  They are a lot better to look at then the weight loss ones, don't ya think?  Show the sponser some love!

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