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Marbury A Quick Study

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The Globe reports:

"I already got all the plays," Marbury said after the game. "Being able to get a feel of what they do is a lot easier than just coming in and walking into the game. I was here for like 30 minutes.

"I do have the basics of the plays. I do know how to run them or execute them the way they need to be run on the first option. But I don't know the second and third option. Once I'm able to do that, it will be a lot easier."

So far, Marbury seems to be a quick learner.

"We ran three sets with Steph, and we literally put him in a half-hour before the game," Rivers said. "And he executed one to the second option, which we were laughing [about], because that doesn't happen sometimes with any of our guys."

He's got some time to get into the flow before the playoffs. (Herald)

But with only 10 road games left in the regular season, and just two in April, there should be ample practice time to speed up the transition for both players.