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Pacers Future In Jeopardy?

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You knew that stories like this were going to start to come up, but I have to say I'm really surprised seeing the Pacers mentioned.  Indiana without basketball seems like such a foreign concept to me.  Then again, just ask the Seattle fans how real this could be.

Early said the Pacers haven't threatened to leave, but the team would be forced to make some "very difficult decisions" if it remains saddled with the operating cost of the facility or if attendance continues to lag near the bottom of the league.

"It's possible they could move the team," Early said. "It's possible they could sell the team. It is also possible they could shut the team down. What's not possible is the Pacers losing the kind of money they're losing this year indefinitely."

Simon said he doesn't want to move the team, though he acknowledges that the financial losses have accelerated the past three years.

Kinda puts a little thing like a 2 game losing streak into perspective.