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Classic Legacy

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Normally I don't get into the NBA Hardwood Classic games, but tonight I was flipping around and stumbled upon the Celtics-Suns Game 6 classic from 1976 (in my world, the year after I was born).

I couldn't believe how many familiar faces there were out there.  Of course Tommy was coaching.  Of course there was Cowens and Havlicek and Jo Jo White.  But then there was Don Nelson coming in off the bench.  And there's Paul Silas grabbing a rebound.  (Not to mention some guy NOT named Bird wearing number 33!)  And it got me to thinking about all the former Celtics that went on to be coaches, GMs, and other respected members of the NBA community.

I wonder if any current or recent Celtics will be coaches or GMs one day.  Of course Sam Cassell is headed in that direction.  But what about Ray Allen?  I've always thought he was extremely intelligent and watching him the last few years has only increased my respect for him.  He's got a great way with the younger players and he's so smooth with the media.

The other guy I thought of was Brian Scalabrine.  Everyone talks about what a smart player and great locker room guy he is.  He also fits the mold of average-player-turned-good-coach.  I wouldn't be surprised to see him stick around Boston when his career is over.

Beyond those two, however, I'm not sure anyone is cut out for it.  KG?  Too intense.  Rondo?  Too quiet off the court.  Maybe Paul Pierce could be a GM.  He's played the role of recruiter in the past and he's been vocal about personel moves.

Regardless, I continue to be awed by the legacy that the Celtics have in this league.  It is easy to take it for granted, but every once in a while it hits you and you have to stop and smile about the good old days.  And when our kids grow up, we'll be able to show them classic games from the 2008 Finals (and hopefully many more to come).