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Daily Links 3/13

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Herald   Bill Walker gives support to Celtics     
Scouting report: Grizzlies at Celtics      
Globe   Free and easy     
Grizzlies thumbnails    
Lakers earn playoff spot with victory    
WEEI     Perk on Dale and Holly     
Doc on Dennis and Callahan   Taking a look back at the Spectrum's top 10 moments       
Red's Army    Accentuating the positive    
CelticsBlog     Classic legacy   
Suite 101   NBA's elite position themselves for title run      Pop Culture grid  (Rondo is sick of hearing about.....)        
Daily News Tribune     Celtics: Busy stretch up ahead for C's     
The Day   The joy of six overtimes    
Examiner   Kendrick Perkins has broken a very bad habit       
Lex Nihil Novi    Sixers slow Celtics (90-91)      
Celtics defense on the decline (81-82)     
Tony Allen worried about role upon return    
ESPN    Boston's lack of depth could cost  home court advantage in 2nd round    
Star Tribune    Jefferson begins long rehab trek       
Pass Patterns     The importance of Rajon Rondo          
Celtics Circuit Blog        Gabe Pruitt pines for opportunities     
NESN     Celtics' fans' inner debate         
Marbury needs to be a star      
C's look to avoid 3rd straight loss    
Pete Marasmitch       The ultimate Pops Mensah Bonsu scouting report         
Projo     Marbury now shooting 26%,Moore fouling more than rebounding      Adidas NBA stars finally make it to college          Lakers' Jackson marches on toward 10th title    
LA Times     Stephon Marbury does little to nothing to boost Boston       
Patriot Ledger          Injuries a way of life in the NBA        
USA Today     Grizzlies - Celtics preview             
A Stern Warning     The Internet and the NBA in 1989      
Comcast SportsNet     Four on the floor, a random Celtics think piece     
Sports of Boston    Injury ravaged Celtics need to pace healthy stars       
Herald Tribune    Gomes is starting to flourish for fallen T-Wolves       
With Malice     Gastronomic Delights  (Power Rankings)