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Celtics Stuff Live 3/15: Scott Souza

Another Sunday stinker by the Celtics, this time in Milwaukee, but while there were some bright spots from today's contest, the overall lack of effort by most of the team left most fans annoyed. Now the Scott Skiles' coached Bucks were, true to form, tenacious defensively and forced more than their fair share of turnovers, but most of the blame for the C's pathetic performance is aimed toward those in the green and gold today.

Scott Souza of the Metro West Daily News joined the show in the early going to catch up with Jon and Justin on the team after proving pretty precient regarding play of CSL favorites, Leon Powe and Bill Walker. Scott laid down some knowledge on potential playoff matchups with Detroit and Orlando, as well as the pros and cons of the 2-3-2 and 2-2-1-1-1 playoff home series sets. We also peered with Scott into Kendrick Perkins' head to understand his growth after a tremendous game today as Scott has developed a good repore with Perk through his time on the C's beat.Csl_on_csn_medium

In the second hour, Jon and Justin re-opened the Hondo v. Pierce debate with a voice mail response from Alex from Boston and a series of emails that included Elrod Enchilada and our old pal, JB. Also within that theme of one on one battles, the MVP race between Dwyane Wade and Lebron James seems to be heating up, but the impacts for the Celtics are obvious in playoffs as both players have often been the apple of the official's eyes which usually isn't good for an opponent's chances (Hello Mark Cuban!). Lastly Jon and Justin traded blows as to whether the choice of JR Giddens has been a bust. Jon took the tact (now and on Draft Night) that Giddens was a missed pick and that the team should have taken a big man (DeAndre Jordan) which wouldn't leave team with only 3 bigs during this injury plagued stretch of the season. Justin thought that was a bit of a "million to one" and that Ainge couldn't possibly have forseen such a strange course of events.

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