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M*A*S*H Updates 3/16

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KG and Baby may be back Friday (Globe):

MILWAUKEE - The return of Kevin Garnett and Glen Davis to the Celtics is tentatively set for Friday.

Coach Doc Rivers said yesterday there was "a better than 50 percent chance" both injured players would return to action that night at San Antonio.

Neither Garnett nor Davis made the current two-game trip, which means they won't be on hand to practice today in Chicago.

Since the Celtics are playing the Bulls tomorrow and play host to Miami Wednesday, there won't be a practice Thursday before the San Antonio game.

"The tough part for them is [they'll be] coming off a non-practice, which I hate doing," said Rivers before yesterday's 86-77 loss to Milwaukee. "We have the back-to-back Tuesday-Wednesday, then we fly Thursday. So there is no practice on Thursday.

"That [will] make it tough, especially in Kevin's case, since he has been out so long. Having said that, right now, that's what we're targeting. That doesn't mean [Garnett] will be back . . . but just getting him back on the floor would be nice."


  • Tony Allen gets his cast off today but no timetable on his return.
  • Eddie House has a sprained ankle but expects to play.
  • No updates on Scal.