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Potential Detroit Matchup

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Tim Legler breaks down the most likely bottom 3 seeds in the East.  He projects the Pistons getting the 7 seed and has this to say about their chances:

Detroit Pistons (No. 7, 33-32) -- As dysfunctional as they've been, they are looking like a team that could be very dangerous -- especially if they end up facing Boston in a 2-7 matchup.

Rasheed Wallace, who is out with a calf injury now, has always been the barometer for this team. When he's playing with passion and emotion, they're pretty darned good. Getting Allen Iverson integrated into the system is also important.

If Wallace is healthy and fired up, Detroit could get past Boston. And I'd think they would believe they could get past the likely Hawks-Heat pairing winner and back into their usual Eastern Conference Finals spot.

I think Tim is stretching it a bit saying that they could reach the ECF, but I will say that taking the Pistons lightly would be a very big mistake.  I think I'd rather see Philly in that spot.  That said, a healthy Celtics team has little to truely be worried about until we meet the Cavs.