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Your Daily M*A*S*H Updates

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Hard to keep track of all the injuries, so lets go right down the roster:

Hurt or hurting:

  • Rajon Rondo - twisted ankle - aggravated it last night; questionable for tonight's game.
  • Ray Allen - hyper-extended elbow - hurt it late in the game last night; questionable for tonight's game.
  • Leon Powe - deep bruise on right knee - will be evaluated today; questionable for tonight's game.
  • Big Baby - twisted ankle - may be ready to play tonight.
  • Kevin Garnett - strained right knee - still targeting weekend return, but will take it slowly.
  • Brian Scalabrine - multiple concussions - return timeframe undecided.
  • Tony Allen - thumb surgery - cast off but still targeting April return.

Who's Left?

  • Paul Pierce - Another 38 minutes last night.  He's 19th in the league in min. per game.
  • Stephon Marbury - Another goose egg in the scoring column.
  • Mikki Moore - Fouled out, but not before grabbing 10 rebounds.
  • Kendrick Perkins - Actually having some of his better statistical games, but he misses KG on defense.
  • Eddie House - Knocking down 3's to keep us in games.
  • Bill Walker - Getting solid minutes.  A little up and down.  Picked up another tech.  Developing a reputation around the league (Bulls announcers were killing him).
  • Gabe Pruitt/JR Giddens - 8 seconds of playing time = vote of no confidence.

So if I'm reading this right, we might have 8 fully healthy players tonight, 4 of which are guards and 2 of those guards are of the last-resort category. How does a starting lineup of Marbury, House, Pierce, Moore, and Perkins sound?  How does a bench of Bill Walker, Gabe Pruitt, and JR Giddens sound?

Should we just give Danny and Doc uniforms and have the first player-coach, player-GM combo ever?  Lets just say I'm not optimistic about our chances against Wade tonight.