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Starting Five - 3/19

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No major stories today, but enough little bits and pieces that I can toss together for a Starting Five.

  • The Celtics clinched the Atlantic yesterday.  Yawn.  Paul..., tell 'em:  “It really doesn’t mean anything to the Boston Celtics,” said Paul Pierce. “They don’t put that banner up. Maybe in other arenas they put that banner up, but here it really doesn’t mean a thing.”
  • The league is looking into the Doc Rivers ejection.  I couldn't care less.  Unless someone had a mic on them, it seems like a he-said-he-said thing.  Probably didn't cost us the game anyway.
  • I love it: From the Globe: "The Garden staff put even more pressure on Pierce before the final play of regulation, playing the "Superman" theme while flashing a close-up of Pierce on the Jumbotron."
  • Mikki Moore is very foul-ly: "Over the last five games, he has been whistled for a league-leading total of 26 personal fouls."
  • Is the NBA headed for a doomsday Lockout?

Reminder, last chance to get in the CelticsBlog Madness pool.