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Joe Smith and Drew Gooden Bought Out

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Tom Ziller has the rundown:

The excellent Brian Windhorst of the Cleveland Plain Dealer reports that Oklahoma City agreed to waive cagey veteran Joe Smith in time to join a playoff team. Windhorst has sources that call the Cavaliers a lock as Smith's destination.

Drew Gooden, meanwhile, became a surprise addition to the buy-out list. Traded to the Kings a week-and-change ago, Gooden has played only one game in Royal Purple. But the rebuilding Kings have young talent in the frontcourt and no real need to, um, win. Sam Amick of the Sacramento Bee first reported the possibility of a buy-out Saturday; it happened just an hour before the midnight Eastern deadline. San Antonio looks like a potential landing place.

But a team with no shot at either -- the Boston Celtics -- might be the biggest story out of the last-minute buy-outs

UPDATE: According to David Aldridge, Smith wanted to sign in Boston, but those talks are dead now.