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NBA's Final Four?

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No time for a full length article or anything, but I thought I'd get this up before the game preview hits.

Tonight we face the San Antonio Spurs. With the normal caveats assumed (anything can happen, blah blah blah), we can expect a Final Four of Cleveland, Boston, Los Angeles (Lakers, natch) and the San Antonio Spurs.

I personally think the Celtics and Spurs are the most dangerous teams come playoff time. Both have (recent) Championship experience, both are mentally nails (as in "tough as"), both play magnificent defense (when healthy of course), and both boast unselfish star trios that take turns taking over games.

LeBron is otherworldly I know, but he's still one person and he has to rely on his (admittedly improving) supporting cast on the rare occasion when he can't beat an opponent all by himself. Kobe is in the same boat, except without the unselfish instinct King James possesses).

That is picking nits, of course, and all 4 of these teams could catch a groove at any point this offseason and ride it to a title. I'm just of the opinion that the Celtics and Spurs have just a little more going for them in the playoffs despite trailing in the regular season standings.