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Celtics Stuff Live: Tonight with Sean Grande

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Sean Grande - Celtics Savant

It's been more than 18 months, but seeing Kevin Garnett in a Celtics uniform still gives me a tingle up my spine. And seeing him in uniform for the first time in over a month made me pumped and jacked for the playoffs.

Thankfully his appearence resulted in a pair of wins this weekend (including a nice win on the road in San Antonio, so now the team turns its attention toward the start of the playoffs and CSL also looks ahead to potential matchups with Cleveland, Orlando and Detroit. The radio voice of the Boston Celtics, Sean Grande, joined Jon and Justin for nearly an hour hitting every topic from the integration of Stephon Marbury into the team to the difficulty for officials in calling the rulebook as it's written to dated pop culture references.

Csl_on_csn_mediumSean had some very interesting thoughts on how the league has made the job difficult for its officials in how it added defensive three seconds, the block/charge smilie, and other rulebook additions meant to add offense to game.

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