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So far the only Celtics article I see today is a story about Glen Davis taking more jump shots, which with all due respect, we've been talking about all year.  I'll wait and see what FLCeltsFan can dig up with the daily links, but for now I'm just going to ramble without purpose or direction and see what turns up.  You know, like Dan Shaughnessy without the smarminess.

We play the Clippers today because the schedule makers say we have to.  Maybe the Celtics are looking forward to it because they want a little bit of payback for the last loss.  But the Clips fans want none of it and I can't blame them. 

I suppose we have March Madness to blame for lack of coverage.  Newspapers are getting spread thin to begin with and you can't worry about the NBA in March.  Nobody cares.

In particular a lot of people seem to have checked out on the Celtics because the team is hurting and struggling to regain the phenomenal swag that they had last year.  That's to be expected.  We can't be the top story all year long.  They'll be back in May and June.

Still, there are plenty of diehard fans like you and me just biding our time, waiting for something new to talk about.  We've kind of run the old stories into the ground and we need something new.  In fact, ironically, I'm actually getting sick of hearing myself say that I have nothing new to say.  Note to self: either say something new, or shut yer trap already.  And stop talking to yourself.

The present is all about "getting healthy" and "working people back" into the lineup and into the flow of the game.  It is still a little early to predict who we will face in the first round of the playoffs.  It is way early to be thinking about the offseason, though I admit the Powe vs. Baby debate is getting mighty interesting.

A quick look ahead at our schedule gives me some hope that the team can indeed get healthy and on the same page.  After a couple road games this week (including one against the Magic), we get 5 games spanning 2 full weeks at home.  Nothing like some good old fashioned home cooking, extra practice time, and not needing to worry about when the plane leaves.

Beyond that I don't know what else to say except this:  Regardless of anything that has happened this year or will happen for the rest of the year, the Celtics are the Defending Champions.  They won banner 17 by trouncing the Los Angeles Lakers last June.  That was less than a year ago.  That isn't nostalgia, that's appreciating the gift we've been blessed with.  We spend years and years hoping for that precious ring, and too often we take it for granted once we get it.  So if you need something to ponder today, just take a moment or two and revel in the fact that the Celtics won it all last year. 

And oh by the way, they might just have a shot at doing it again.