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Tracking Rondo's Shot

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I'm really happy that Zach Lowe is tracking the progression of Rondo's jump shot, because if he wasn't then I would be, and he saves me the trouble of looking up all the stats!  Some samples:

Rondo took six jumpers tonight from beyond the foul line, and made three of them. That's six of his 13 shot attempts. And this didn't seem weird or out of character. That is a fairly remarkable thing, since it was only 2 1/2 months ago that Henry Abbott on TrueHoop rightfully pointed out Rondo's unwillingness to even think about taking jumpers.

He then looks at the last 10 games (not counting last night):

1) Rondo’s a tidy 11-of-23 on jumpers in the 18-20-foot range; and 2) Rondo has taken 55 shots at the rim and 48 shots from everywhere else. Think about how dramatic a change that is from Henry’s post just 30 or so games ago.

Then he makes this great point: Teams are starting to cover Rondo by going over screens instead of just sagging back into the lane.  If he can keep hitting shots, he'll keep the defense honest and he can keep doing all the other wonderful things he does so well.

Nice job Rajon.  Keep it up.