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Final Stretch - 10 Games Left

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Hard to believe but the end of the season is coming up quick. There's only 10 games left to decide home court, playoff matchups, and who gets the 8 seed and who's left in the lottery. The Celtics have conceeded home court to the LeBrons and made health a top priority, but the Magic are still focused on the 2 seed.

“No question,” Van Gundy said. “Homecourt, I think it’s huge. Every day, you’re playing for something.”

I think the Celtics will be up for the challenge as a chance to for KG and company to gear up against a playoff caliber opponent (the Spurs game was KG's first back and no offense but the Griz and Clips are practice fodder).

Here's a quick look at the schedule the rest of the way.

Mar 25 at Orlando 8:00 pm ESPN, SUN
Mar 27 at Atlanta 7:30 pm CSNE, FSS
Mar 29 vs Oklahoma City 7:00 pm CSNE
Apr 1 vs Charlotte 7:30 pm CSNE
Apr 3 vs Atlanta 7:30 pm FSS, CSNE
Apr 8 vs New Jersey 7:30 pm YES, CSNE
Apr 10 vs Miami 7:30 pm SUN, CSNE
Apr 12 at Cleveland 3:30 pm ABC
Apr 14 at Philadelphia 8:00 pm TNT
Apr 15 vs Washington 8:00 pm CSMA, CSNE

As I've noted before, after Orlando and Atlanta the Celtics get a full 2 weeks at home. They also get to feast on the likes of the Thunder, Bobcats, and Nets. Then they get some nice tune-up games against the Heat, Cavs (likely a meaningless game by that point), and potential first round matchup Philly.