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M*A*S*H Updates and KG's Pitch Count

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Its time once again to walk down the injury ward and check in on everyone.

First the good news.  It seems like Pierce is fine and Ray Allen is showing no ill effects of that elbow issue (aside from playing with two sleeves).  Also, the updated return date for Tony Allen is April 8.

Garnett is on a strict pitch count and admits that he didn't feel as good last night as he has in the first few games back.

"Tonight I didn’t look as good as the previous games," he said. "You go into it knowing you’ve got to do certain things to impact the game. With those things said, from the standpoint of being a presence I still thought I did a good job of being active. But playing against Rashard Lewis, one of the premier players in this league, it’s just what it is. No disrespect to anyone I played previous, but this is the high caliber of players."

With that said, Doc says that KG's minutes will be increased next week:

Garnett has been relegated to about eight minutes each in the first and third quarters since returning against San Antonio March 20. Celtics coach Doc Rivers, however, said next week the All-Star will begin receiving four additional minutes each in the second and fourth quarters. Rivers called the added minutes "the second stage" and a positive sign that Garnett is back completely.

I think this is a very, very wise decision by Doc and the training staff.  You know that KG has only one speed (full steam ahead) and he can't be trusted to regulate his own speed.  I think if he had a compound fracture he'd pull his sock up over it and try to convince everyone that he's fine.  So deliberately easing him back into the flow is the right way to go, regardless of individual wins and losses.

The bad news is that we are not getting any positive news about Leon Powe.  Here's the latest:

Powe was supposed to be out 2-3 weeks after bruising his right knee on March 17 in Chicago, but it's possible he will miss the remainder of the current schedule.

"I'm more concerned about getting Leon back for Game 1 of the playoffs," Rivers said.

Also, as reported already, Rajon turned his other ankle and seems to be taking it day by day.  And last but not least, no new news on Scalabrine except Doc saying that "Leon and Scal are going to be out for a while."