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Starting Five - 3/27

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Five quick thoughts to start off your TGIF.

  • Van Gundy wants to know how some teams get on the list of teams that can point to their injuries as reason why they aren't doing so well.  Note to Stan:  Here's how.  Win something, then you get respect.
  • With that said, I do want to give the Magic credit for being a very, very good team.  If their shots are falling, they can beat anyone on any given night.  They are better defensively than I gave them credit for and they are well coached.  Their fundamental flaws remain and they are without their All Star point guard, but they won't be an easy out for anyone in the playoffs.
  • For at least some Atlanta fans, this game isn't as big a deal anymore. They are starting to feel what it is like to have the playoffs locked up.
  • Predictably, KG has Stephon's back.
  • I'm all out of points, so I'm just going to post a link to KG dropping Zaza for fun.  Enjoy.

Bonus Link: People are still being duped fascinated by Gerald Green's "potential."