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Celtics Stuff Live 3/29: Jim "JB" Metz

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Jim "JB" Metz returned to Celtics Stuff Live for a postgame show following the Celtics victory over the OKC Thunder.  Jon Duke sat this one out as he welcomed a new addition to his family at the end of last week, a son.  Congratulations! There was plenty to catch up on with the co-founder of CSL, especially with Kevin Garnett back on ice until at least next Friday after experiencing a slight setback this week.  We pulled JB into the Glen Davis vs Leon Powe debate and the wheels are beginning to turn towards a similar argument of Tony Allen vs Bill Walker heading into the playoffs.  However, JB has high hopes for Tony's return and his ability to provide the team with the kind of defense off the bench that they will need if they make it to a an ECF's match-up against Cleveland.  Thanks again JB, good to have you!

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