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Starting Five (News/Links) - 3/3

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I gotta admit, it is hard finding things to talk about during these extra days off.  I'm kinda bored with rehashing the same stories over and over again.  I'm not sure if Danny got the best guys this week, or last offseason, or whatever.  All we can do is see what happens now.  Hopefully the team will get healthy again and start rolling in time for the playoffs.  So until I get something better to write about or lose this temporary case of writers block, here's some nice tasty bullet points to munch on.  Enjoy.

  • Bill Walker fans rejoice: “That was a bad job by me,” Rivers said the day after exposing Pierce to all but 18.5 seconds against Detroit. “I’ve got to get him out no matter what, even if we’re losing the lead.” - Herald
  • Marbury had an eye opening experience yesterday at his first full practice as a Celtic:  “I know I’m going to have hiccups,” Marbury said. “Adjusting to these guys is difficult because they play at a high level. It’s not a level where I’m used to. I haven’t played at this level. I’ve never played at a championship level before, so for me, adjusting my style of play, adjusting how I prepare . . . it’s all the same as far as going in with a mind-set, but doing things the way they do things is (what’s) very important." - Herald
  • If Steph has any questions, he can talk to Rondo (which is wonderfully humbling considering that Marbury has been in the league 10 more years than Rondo): “I just told him if he had any questions, he can come to me and ask me,” said Rondo. “Feel free, don’t hesitate. I’ve been in Doc’s system for three years now so I pretty much know what he expects out of the point guards.” - WEEI
  • For those wondering - here's the net loss Marbury took to leave the Knicks and play for the Celtics:  "An NBA source said Marbury took a $2.2 million deduction from his $20.8 million contract to be bought out by the Knicks. Marbury made up more than half that by receiving a $1.2 million guaranteed contract from the Celtics from their mid-level salary exception. His contract, signed Friday, was expected to be prorated, but reported he was receiving the full $1.2 million and $52,174 per game the rest of the regular season." - Globe
  • Tony Allen is frustrated with yet another injury, but hoping to make it back before the playoffs: "Allen is scheduled to get the cast removed perhaps as early as late next week, and he’ll spend four weeks after that strengthening the hand. Allen is hoping he will be at least able to play in the last three regular-season games during the final week of the schedule in mid-April."  - Patriot Ledger
  • Bonus Link: Big Baby is heating up. - CelticsHub
See the full BSMW list of links after the jump.

From Boston Sports Media Watch


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