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How Worried Should We Be About KG?

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You knew this was coming. This is Boston after all. Worrying kind of goes with the territory. So it is no surprise to see this "sky is falling" article from Gerry Callahan in the Herald today.

Gerry pulls the covers up to his nose, teeth chattering, and peers wide eyed and worried at the current state of this team, seemingly held up only by KG's shaky knee.

Well, the defending champs don’t look so blessed right now. Garnett missed 13 games before returning to limited duty, and now he’s gone again, out at least until Friday against Atlanta. While the Celtics have performed admirably since the injury - winning 12-of-19 - their hopes of repeating took a serious hit while the big guy was gone.

Really? The title chances took a "serious hit?" I understand the importance of home court advantage, but I don't really consider that a "serious hit."

I understand how big it would be if KG was lost for any portion of the playoffs, but before we go all Chicken Little on this season, lets at least wait to see how KG looks when he's back in the lineup.

So far (despite WEEI's dire speculation) we've gotten no indication from the Celtics or Kevin that this is something that might linger into the playoffs. In fact, Danny Ainge went to great lengths to assure us that everything's going to be alright.

“Nothing has changed from our initial diagnosis to where we are now,” said the Celtics president of basketball operations. “We’re just being cautious.”

Though Garnett was forced to miss the past two days after playing limited time in four straight games, Ainge also disputed the notion that Garnett’s condition has worsened.

“This isn’t a setback,” Ainge said. “Not at all.”

Personally, until I hear word that his status has changed for the worse, I'm not going to spend too much time cowering in a corner and going over worst-case what-if's in my head. It just isn't worth the energy. Besides, there will always be someone else out there to do the worrying for me.