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New Site Features from SBN

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Just a note about some fun new features you can see on this site from now on. 

Photos: The most visible will be the inclusion of AP and Getty Images.  I'm super-excited about this because the blogging software upgrades now allow me to grab and crop photos on the fly.  It even gives you a link to see more related photos in various formats.

New Team Page: Follow this link to the Celtics team page.  You'll find the usual roster, stats, etc. but you'll also see updated feeds to related blog topics, an updated injury report, and now full box scores!  If possible, we'd like to make CelticsBlog the only website you'll ever need, ...for anything, ...ever.  Please don't leave.  Stay here with us.  We'll send the tech team out to mow your lawn so you can surf the site a little longer.

New Player Profile Pages: Take a look at Kevin Garnett's page for stats, a scouting report, honor's and awards, injuries and transactions, and trades.  Then check out any player from any team to scout for upcoming games.  Don't know anything about Alexis Ajinca?  Here's his page.

There are more subtle changes here and there but those are the big ones for now.  SBN is dedicated to improving the technology by leaps and bounds and making the blogging experience better for bloggers and blog readers alike.  I hope you enjoy these upgrades.  Expect more to follow in the months and years ahead.