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Starting Five (Links/News) - 3/4

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We've got the Nets tonight but it is tough not to look ahead to the Cleveland game this Friday.  Here's a few bullets to pass the time.

  • Day in the life of Big Baby: "I have this concept," he reveals. "You've got to eat like a king in the morning, eat like a worker for lunch, and eat like a peasant at night. So I try to stick to that." - Globe
  • Steph (and Moore) return to Jersey, so expect the Marbury Media Circus to be in full effect.  But Pierce is trying to keep things focused: "He played for Jersey for a little while and he played for New York, both of the teams out there," Pierce said. "But for me, it's us trying to get back on the winning track. I don't really get caught up in the hype and all of the hoopla of the New York media." - Globe
  • The C's are playing the "adversity develops character" card.  (Herald) Can't argue with it, but I think I'd rather have an easier road (all things considered). 
  • Slam magazine has an article on Paul Pierce: "In a world of bailouts and dollar bills, ice grills and cheap thrills, the true artists are those that raise the level of their art when they’re most exposed. It’s the truth, the whole truth, and nothing but the clichéd truth, that this is exactly what Paul Pierce has done. And in doing so, he continues to be a psychological marvel: the late-game leader that swoops in to save the day when the outcome hangs in the balance. He manufactures vulnerability into venom. Incredibly, it doesn’t always seem to matter where the weakness comes from—an opponent or within—as long as it generates strength."
  • For those on Twitter, here's a very good directory of NBA players, teams, and bloggers you can follow, including CelticsBlog.