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The New Employee #8

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This is a silly thing to devote much (if any) time to, but it amuses me so I'm going to bring it up again.  Today Marbury is quoted in the Herald about his choice of the number 8.

But Stephon Marbury, unable to wear his customary No. 3 because it has been retired in honor of the late Dennis Johnson, said yesterday that he specifically requested No. 8.

"It’s a personal fit for where I’m going," said a cryptic Marbury, who said his only reason for the request was that it fit his desire for a fresh start.

"(No. 3) was not even a thought for me,"...

"I’ve seen a whole list of the people who have worn No. 8" 


I'm no pshycologist and I won't pretend to see into Steph's mind (scary thought) but I think those quotes show a few things.

  1. He respects the tradition (DJ's #3) here and is at the very least concious of not doing anything to disrupt that.
  2. He embraces the concept of a fresh start.
  3. He knows about Antoine Walker and perhaps understands the way he was a polarizing player in the league and especially in Boston.
  4. Maybe he sees himself as having a chance to do what Walker did with the Heat: Help a team win a Championship even though his best years were behind him.
  5. Who knows, maybe he'll even break into a little Walker Wiggle when the time is right.  Nothing would make me laugh harder.

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