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No More Technical Difficulty

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Remember when Perkins was leading the league in technical fouls?  In fact, after just 15 games he had 8 techs (on pace for 43 for the year).  It only takes 16 to start earning one game forced vacations.

Thankfully he's curbed his enthusiasm for the T.  In fact, he just had 2 of the calls overturned on appeal:

Center Kendrick Perkins's technical foul total has been reduced from 11 to nine on appeal. "There were two that I didn't deserve," Perkins said. "Some of the other ones I probably did deserve."

Believe it or not, Perkins doesn't even lead his team in techs anymore.  Mikki Moore is tied for 10th in the league with 10.  (FYI: Kobe has the most with 15, KG has 9, and Pierce has 8) - Sorry, those were last year's stats.

Here are this year's stats.  Sheed has 17 and old friend Posey has 10.  Perk is tied for 8th in the league.