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How Much More For Ray?

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Chris Mannix takes a look at how much longer Ray Allen might play:

After watching Allen torch New Jersey for 16 points Wednesday, including a game-tying three-pointer late in the fourth quarter, you have to wonder: How long can the 33-year-old play at this high a level?

"I don't think he's going to lose his shot any time soon," Rivers said. "And as long as you can shoot in our league, you can probably play in our league for a long time."

Allen says several variables -- the state of the Celtics and his family, to name a couple -- will determine how long he is going to play. A Western Conference GM, citing Allen's age and recent ankle surgeries, said that Allen will probably only command a three-year deal worth between $25-30 million when he becomes a free agent in 2010. But Rivers says there is one overriding reason why Allen can "probably play as long as he wants to."

"When he gets to 50, if you put Ray Allen behind the three, would you guard him?" Rivers asked. "You sure would."