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Same Ol' Stories

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I can't wait for the game tonight.  Not just because it will be a great matchup of two elite teams.  Not just because I get to watch my favorite team.  Mostly because I need new material.

Here's a list of the topics I'm tired of talking about.

  • Starbury - Enough said.  No really, enough already.
  • Mikki vs. Joe - Honestly, if our fate hangs in the balance of who we picked up between these too, I'd be worried either way.
  • Missing KG - Gee, you think losing one of the best players in the game hurts your chances a bit?
  • Rondo is key - As Rondo goes, so goes the Celtics.  If you haven't learned that by now, ...welcome to the site!  Good to have you here.  Enjoy your stay.
  • Injury Updates - These are necessary, but they are depressing.  I always assume that players will take longer than the doctor says to come back.
  • Trades/Free Agents - At least this is over for the rest of the season.  For the first time in a long time I'm not even thinking about next year at all.  Our time is now.

If things go well tonight, I'll have some happy thoughts for tomorrow.  If not, then we've got some hand wringing to do.  So at least there's that.

Of course if that fails I might have to get creative and start quoting Shakespeare, playing around with photoshop, and digging through the archives of youtube just to keep myself entertained.  I suppose I could also fall back on some paint-by-numbers gimmicks of mine like SWAGs, mailbag, or whatever.  Some days it is just easier finding things to write about than others.  TGIF.