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Injury Updates

Frank Dell'Apa of the Globe reports:

Allen will have a cast removed Friday and hopes to return before the playoffs. "I hope so, I probably can, with the grace of God," he said.

Scalabrine will resume workouts next week but will remain out for at least a month. Scalabrine said his stability and vision have returned to normal.

Also, looks like there's no change with KG, although he was watching last night's game from the locker room:

Garnett has resumed workouts but will not return to the lineup before the Celtics host Memphis Friday, according to coach Doc Rivers.

"He ran [Thursday], he told me, on the treadmill, and he said he felt great," Rivers said. "Other than that, that's the first day he's been able to run. We're just going to take our time. I would say at least a week, and most likely longer."

Garnett (right knee strain) missed last night's game against the Cavaliers and will be out for tomorrow's game against Orlando and a visit to Miami Wednesday. He remained in the locker room last night.

"I've never been a big fan of injured players sitting down on the court, honestly," Rivers said. "But I like them around."