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Scouts Positive on Marbury

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ESPN's Weekend Dime has a few scouts saying positive things about Stephon:

"I really think the Marbury thing is going to work for the Celtics. Maybe it's as simple as one important basket that he makes. They don't need much.

"I saw him work out in the summer at Tim Grgurich's camp and I thought his attitude was great. I thought his conditioning was excellent. He was making deep 3s. We're talking some very unorganized summer-league-type games against a lot of young players, but [Marbury] was one of the best guys out there.

"You saw him in that first game [for the Celtics] getting stripped a couple times, but that's just rust. His reaction time, hand-eye coordination; give him some time to get those things back. But this late in the season, when Marbury is walking into such a great situation and you've got veterans like [Ray] Allen and [Paul] Pierce and KG to police that situation, you'd really have to be messed up to blow it."