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Celtics Stuff Live 3/8: Steve Bulpett

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Sure the Celtics went 2-1 this week, but the fantastic effort in Friday night's win and amazing comeback in today's loss have left Celtics fans emboldened in their belief the C's will repeat as NBA Champions. Of course this week's results came at the cost of sprained ankles on the persons of Rajon Rondo and Glen Davis. Thankfully it does not appear either injury will linger and call into question their availability for the playoffs, but a thin team getting thinner does not bode well for one that is attempting to get the top overall playoff seed. 

Steve Bulpett of the Boston Herald joined the show early on to talk about the Celtics' efforts against Cleveland and Orlando. In a surprising move, Steve gave a strong defense for the officials in the face of tremendous criticism across the internets, which only strengthened Justin's belief that the refs don't impact the outcome of games... Jon remains unconvinced. Before wrapping up, Steve laid down some thoughts on the Mikki Moore v. Joe Smith decision and educated the CSL listenership on the ins and outs of the "Main Ingredient".

The second hour brought BBIQ's Eric Weiss, who had the pleasure of attending this afternoon's contest as well as a conference on basketball metics held at MIT. As always, the man formerly known as "Bill from Boston" brought the heat and explained precisely why it is that Leon Powe is so awesome. (Ed note: No disagreement here.)

Prior to wrapping this up, Jon and Justin engaged in a discussion on the place of Paul Pierce on an all time Celtics starting five. The Dadhead also put in some votes, but his insistence in having Cousy and Rondo tied leaves his thoughts at question given his prior comments on the current Celtics point guard. However, Jon and Justin honed on the source of their disagreements with Jon taking the side of the current Celtics captain while Justin supported the man known only as "Hondo."  Perhaps you can take some time and leave a voice mail for next weeks show (866-751-9649) on your own thoughts as to who makes it in an all time Celtics starting five.

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