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The Elbow Incident

Fanhouse has the video of the Ray Allen - Anderson Varejao incident.  Of course it is posted by serial Celtic hater Brett Pollakoff, so he gleefully giggles as he rushes to tell everyone how dirty the Celtics are.  Yipee.  So now I get to put on my Celtic-defender hat and explain how it looks through green colored glasses.  Hey, we all have roles to play.

While Brett says "Varejao clearly didn't do anything to deserve that elbow." I say, umm... did you miss the part where he trapped Ray's arm and tossed him to the ground in the first place?

Now, did Ray's reaction look pretty dirty?  Yeah, it looked pretty bad.  Here's the thing though, he wasn't even looking at Anderson and he threw the elbow back, probably hoping to catch him in the gut and ...well, missed.  Clearly he didn't make any solid contact or the man would be doubled over in pain (one would think).

We'll see if Ray gets a suspension for a meaningless end-of-season game.  I'm sure the Celtics haters will use this as further evidence to hate on the Celtics.  Of course anyone who thinks they can call Ray Allen a dirty player needs to do a little bit of research before looking silly.

Of course none of this matters and I've already wasted more time than I wanted to thinking about this.  Then again, it was probably better than reviewing the game itself.  I'm just going to move on.  Come on playoffs, you can't get here soon enough.

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