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Inconvenient Truths

There are some truths that we hold onto on days like today and some that we would like to forget.

Here are some truths that we would like to forget but probably would do well to remember:

  • This wasn't a "meaningless game."  The Celtics wanted to win yesterday.  They didn't play like it, but they wanted to win and they didn't.  Period.
  • Missing Garnett doesn't give the team an excuse to lose by that large of a margin.  They got whooped fair and square.
  • LeBron James deserves the MVP and he's still getting better.  Regardless of how he played in last year's playoffs, he'll be a beast in this year's version.
  • The Cavs are really, really, really good.  Really.
  • We still haven't proved that we can win on the road in Cleveland.  We'll need to to advance.
  • The LeBron led taunting probably wasn't any worse than what KG has done in the past.  The Celtics talk trash as much as (if not more than) anyone.
  • Don't even try blaming the refs in this one.  Really.  Just don't.

Here are some truths that our opponents would like to forget but that we'll hold on to.

  • Scoreboard. NBA Defending Champs.
  • Maybe they'll use this game as motivation, but really - why would they need to?  The Celtics don't need any additional motivation to beat the Cavs in the playoffs.
  • The Cavs still haven't proven they can win in Boston.  If the Celtics win just one game in Cleveland, the pressure shifts to them.
  • The last game these two teams played, (also without KG) Powe and Baby combined for 30 points and the C's won by 11.
  • Everything changes in the playoffs.  One of these teams has proven itself, the other has not.
  • The Celtics, regardless of yesterday's game, will be at or near full strength for the playoffs.  When the Celtics are at full strength, they are really, really, really good.  Yes, really.

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