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Celtics Stuff Live: Tonight with Sam Amico

Kevin Henkin sat in for Jon Duke as Celtics Stuff Live welcomed Gary Tanguay as a late addition in place of Sam Amico. Gary fielded a number of tough questions in between taping of segments at the CSN studios including the season long CSL debate of Davis v Powe. Dominating themes for the show were the loss to the Cavaliers on Easter Sunday and the announcement that Kevin Garnett will sit out the remainder of the season. Early in the show, e-mails were abound with criticism for PJ Brown who your hosts were comparing to Mikki Moore (and Joe Smith as he outplayed Moore on Sunday) and drawing parallels to last year’s team. Of course, the comparisons are few as this year the club is facing an enormous amount of adversity related to health and Alex in Boston left us a poignant voicemail on the subject. Kevin and Justin looked back over the regular season and handed out grades for the major contributors on the roster.

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