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Scoreboard Watching 4/13

The Bulls defeated the Detroit Pistons tonight. Third Quarter Collapse (sarcastically) says that this makes the Magic fans feel a lot better.

Thanks to the Bulls' come-from-behind victory over the Detroit Pistons tonight, the Orlando Magic are assured not to face the Pistons in the first round. Orlando is locked into the third seed, and the Pistons' loss ensures they cannot reach the sixth seed.

The feeling of relief I have is enormous. The championship window is still open! Celebrate!

The list of Orlando's playoff opponents has narrowed to two teams: Philadelphia and Chicago. Given Philly's recent 5-game losing streak, and the fact that its final two games are versus Boston and at Cleveland, it's hard to imagine its staying in 6th. Ergo, the Chicago Bulls are the Magic's most likely playoff opponent this year. There are two days left to sort everything out, though.

As for Celtics fans, this means we'll likely see either the Pistons or the Sixers.

Update: I've been corrected. The Pistons will be the 8th seed. There's still a chance we could face the Bulls but it seems likely it will be the Sixers.

Whatever, just give me the playoffs already.

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