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Daily Links 4/14

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Herald   Kevin Garnett in a holding pattern    
Scouting report: Celtics at 76ers    
Hot Dwyane Wade has more to prove    
Bulls force Pistons behind 8-ball    
Globe  Garnett's return awaits  
Cavaliers wrap it up     
Players may be hurting, but confidence isn't     
Remember yesterday
Can the Celtics win in Cleveland?            

MetroWest Daily   Megliola: Boston's Garden denizens take center stage    
CelticsBlog   Scoreboard watching  
Celtics Stuff Live with Sam Amico and Gary Tanguay       
Bulls or Sixers?     
LOY's Place   Race to the playoffs     
Celtics 17  Interview with Jeff Clark of CelticsBlog    Power Rankings - Celtics #3      
ESPN   Stein's power rankings - Celtics #3   
Hollinger's Rankings- Celtics #5     
Red's Army    Bulls or 76ers?     
USA Today   Stern optimistic about avoiding a lockout  Just too happy? Stern won't rain on Cavs' sideline celebration    
NESN  Wallace could miss playoffs     
KG-less Celts take on Sixers     
NY Post   Dwyane, Lebron keep things interesting      
Marbury:  Celtics, Greatest experience I've ever had     
Isiah may coach Fla International    
Enterprise  Celtics to keep Garnett out until game 1 of playoffs    
Philly Inquirer   76ers Young discusses return     
Slump puts brakes on master plan     
Detroit Free Press  Pistons have tools to win, strong bench, experience     
Chance of beating the Cavs?   Zilch!      
NBC Sports   Plenty up for grabs in NBA playoff seeding    
Cavalier Attitude   Cavs mess up whining Celtics, then drop Pacers     
Draft Express  D-League playoffs preview     
Eagle Tribune   Too big for his britches      
Patriot Ledger   Garnett's injury reminds of Bird's back back in 1991    
Celtics Hub    5 reasons not to be worried about the Cavs romp     
It won't be Detroit. Hello Philly?    
The No Look Pass   The Cavs are NOT the champs      
Waiting for Next Year Cavs Thump C's, Ray Allen will not tolerate your fun having 
PBN   Tougher LeBron is just one example of heated NBA rivalries     
Daily Herald  Flash to host Bakersfield in first round of playoffs      
OC Register   Pierce:   Rout by Cavs won't shake Celtics    
WEEI Green Street  Kevin Garnett's effect      
Comcast SportsNet  KG talks about defending the title    
Celtics Circuit  Mikki Moore's foul play      
It's looking like it will be Philly in the first round     
CBS  Sports   Philadelphia vs Boston    
Columbus Dispatch   Lots of subtext here no matter what Cavs say      
Fox Sports  Post season matchups we want to see     
ProJo  Celtics say not to worry about loss to Cavs, but should we?     
Hoopsworld   Power rankings - Celtics #3      
Inane musings  Celtics v Cavs - we have ourselves a rivalry    
Layup Drill   Should teams rest their stars?   
BC Sports   Why the Boston Celtics will repeat 

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