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Daily Links 4/16

Herald    Celtics roll, move on to Bulls       
Celtics tough to figure without healthy Kevin Garnett    
Kevin Garnett still a question for playoff opener    
Kevin McHale’s future up in the air     
Bulls fall, will face Celtics in playoffs    
Cavaliers fail to match Celtics mark     
Doc Rivers: ‘No way’ Kevin Garnett ready for playoffs    
Globe    Celtics finish on high note, will face Bulls     
With or without Garnett, repeat unlikely    
For Rivers, it's guessing game    
Bulls get pounded, 76ers take 6th seed    
Various posts in the Globe Celtics blog     
Rivers:  Garnett likely out for playoffs    

MetroWest Daily   What's past is prelude for the Celtics      
Celtics 115, Wizards 107: House lifts Green   House Sets Three-Point Record As C’s Grab Win No. 62     
Leon Powe braced for the playoffs      
Game Gallery:  Wizards at Celtics     
CelticsBlog   Dan Shaughnessy wants you to hate him      
Doc:  Garnett likely out for playoffs     
LOY's Place   Comments from the other side - Wizards    
Random thoughts to end the season and start the playoffs      
Flash win playoff opener     
Garnett likely to miss entire playoffs     
Red's Army   Where's the enthusiasm?    
Bostonist   Noooooooooooooooooooooo      
NESN   Bulls far removed from dynasty days      
Celtics Hub   No late game Wizardry:  Celtics 115, Wizards 107    With Garnett out, Celtics defense rests     
ProJo   Celtics-Bulls regular season meetings     
Powe, House lead the way to victory in season finale     
Allen breaks franchise record for free throw shooting      
Lots of peaks and valleys in this Celtics season    
Hoopsworld   Playoff preview:  Bulls vs Celtics        
Telegram   Allen takes a seat, makes a stand     
Celtics get Bulls in playoffs    
Connecticut Post   House ways and means overcomes Washington veto  
Team playoff preparation with and without Garnett      
Chronicle   The Q celebrates great season despite lost in finale     
Cape Cod Times   Title thoughts for B's, C's       
Chicago Sun Times   Penalty for a stinker:  Celtics      
Deseret News   Flash pull away in 1st playoff contest     
Enterprise   Celtics set their sights on Bulls in first round of playoffs     
WEEI Green Street    House call         
Postseason lessons learned the hard way      
Ray Allen to file grievance for suspension     
Patriot Ledger   Allen shoots his way into record books at foul line     
Washington Times  Wizards update - Cassell on board as assistant     
Rajon Rondo:  Developing before our eyes
CBS Sports   Isiah coaching FIU prompts a hearty LOL and chilling OMG    
Temple3      Are the Celtics too old to repeat?        
Bleacher Report     Stacking the deck for banner 18: 5 wildcards in  Celtics' hand    
A few reflections on the Boston Celtics          
WEEI   The wait ends for Stephon Marbury this weekend   Younger players get experience    James reminds fans title is the team's goal, not fast food      
Game Face         It's Lakers, Cavs and the rest    
  Sixers deny Cavs a chance to tie Celtics' record        

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