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Danny Ainge Suffers Mild Heart Attack; Resting Comfortably

From WCVBTV (Channel 5) Boston:

Celtics President and General Manager Danny Ainge has suffered a heart attack, SportsCenter 5 has learned.

Ainge was resting comfortably after being taken to the hospital early Thursday morning, SportsCenter 5 reported.

Ainge, 50, who took over reins of the Celtics in in 2003 and orchestrated last year's Celtics championship by bringing in Kevin Garnett and Ray Allen, did not attend Wednesday night's Celtics game because he was feeling sick.

Ainge woke up Thursday morning with chest pains and was taken to the hospital. Doctors later inserted a stent to unclog an artery that was 100 percent clogged.

Ainge will be in the hospital for a few days and will probably miss the Celtics' playoff opener against the Bulls on Saturday. He is expected to make a full recovery.

Please join me and the rest of the Celticsblog staff in wishing Danny a speedy and full recovery.

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