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Bob Ryan Delivers Truth

I've always been a fan of Bob Ryan's, even when I don't agree with him.  He's been hit or miss sometimes in recent years, but he gets a pass because he's Bob Ryan.  This article is vintage as far as I'm concerned.  You may not like the message but from where I sit, the man is preaching the truth.

Forget a repeat, Celtics are already winners

A highlight:

Is there some kind of entitlement clause I never heard about? Have fans forgotten that when the Big Three were assembled there was an agreed-upon three-year window to produce title No. 17, and that the goal has already been achieved? People have no right to get greedy, especially when two excellent teams such as the 66-16 Cavaliers and the 65-17 Lakers are on the prowl. I'm not saying a healthy Celtics team couldn't have beaten either the Cavs or the Lakers, but I would not have expected them to. Big difference.

He also addresses the conspiracy theories surrounding the injury status updates and talks about Pierce having a chance to show that he deserves to be mentioned with the Kobes and LeBrons of the league.

It is worth the read, I recommend it.

Or if you prefer Bill Simmons, he's got his take up on ESPN.  I haven't finished reading it yet, but I'm sure there are some good nuggets somewhere in the 15,000 words.

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