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Celtics Stuff Live 4/19: Steve Bulpett

Coming off a troubling Game 1 loss to the Chicago Bulls, the Boston Celtics have enough problems to keep a fan buzzing. However news today that Kevin Garnett is electing to have surgery as soon as possible was not a welcome sight this morning. Yet, by mid-afternoon, things may be looking up as a report surfaced that Garnett was on the court at Healthpoint with Bryan Doo walking around with a basketball. What this all means, no one can know for sure, but Celtics Stuff Live DID bring in the man who could best speak to all these pieces of information, the guy who wrote it, the Boston Herald's Steve Bulpett.

Steve noted that he did not believe the team purposefully has held back Csl_on_csn_medium
information on Garnett's injury, contrary to the thoughts of skeptics amongst the Celtics fandom. Jon, Justin and Steve engaged in a long conversation regarding the timeline of this injury and the response of the Celtics organization, specifically Doc and the medical staff, to the fans and media.

In addition to picking Steve's brain on the KG situation, CSL opened up the phone lines for the first time ever so that fans could have a chance to chat with Steve Bulpett. Amongst many great calls, a voice from the past called in to re-live the good old days of his banter with Steve, and question the manner in which the organization has handled KG. (If you haven't figured out this is our old partner-in-crime, JB, I can only surmise you are new to the program.)

In the second hour, Justin and Jon discussed Bill Simmons' column on KG's injury and while they took opposing sides on the way in which Doc handled the situation, both agreed that Simmons was extremely unfair in his criticism of those on the Celtics beat.

Wrapping up, the guys looked ahead to Game 2 on Monday night, and mentioned that Celtics Stuff Live will now broadcast for only an hour but on multiple times during a week. The next live edition of Celtics Stuff Live will be on Wednesday night at 9pm with a guest to be determined. In addition, be certain to look for the Gold Rarities Postgame Podcaps following every game.

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