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Daily Links 4/18

Herald   Kevin Garnett’s tutelage a Perk of job    
Kevin Garnet down, out    
Five keys to the Celtics/ Bulls series   
Playoff matchups: Celtics vs. Bulls    
Guarded optimism after Danny Ainge scare    
No love in Cavs, Pistons     
Globe   Bullish on their chances     
Celtics up after a day of downers    
Ainge recovering nicely     
Thomas provides Baby talk     
Finals thoughts      
Red Bull Rondo


MetroWest Daily   Celtics little big men take center stage      Series preview   
As playoffs arrive, shorthanded Celtics still thinking repeat         
CelticsBlog  Predictable predictions for the Eastern Quarters   
Celtics Stuff Live Sunday night with Steve Bulpett      
Celtics open title defense against Bulls     
LOY's Place   It's about who we have, not who we don't     
Celtics 17  Let the games begin:  Bulls vs Celtics     
Red's Army   Why the Bulls have no shot   
Where did out for the playoffs come from?     
Worcester Telegram  Baby steps up    
Bleacher Report  Another Celtic Championship?  It takes five    
Five most important rookies in the playoffs     
With KG out for the postseason, Celtics defense needs to step up     
KG injured?  Now worries, just body swap with Scal     
Boston Celtics 2009 playoff analysis     
Chicago Daily Herald   Limiting Rondo's penetration big key for Bulls    
Canton Rep   16 reasons Cavs can win 16 more games    
Health wanted  
Chicago Sun Times   No one knows which Bulls team will show up in Boston    
Salmons hurting but still a major factor    
NY Times   NBA playoffs may pivot on health of best teams    
Fox Sports   Thomas ready to give it the ol' college try    Matchup:  Salmons vs Pierce           
SLAM    Philly happily provides Orlando with motivational material  
NBA Video   Kevin Garnett Injury analysis        
Reservation for Six   KG's absence that bad?  Not really      
USA Today   Are the Celtics pants on fire when they talk about Garnett?    
Rose crams for playoff test vs Celtics     
BallerBlogger   NBA Final grades    
Award Winners       
Hardwood Paroxysm    It's all Marbury's fault  Celtics-Bulls series breakdown    
Garnett's diagnosis opens door for return or some harsh questions      
OC Register   Lakers status as favorites enhanced by Garnett's injury     
For Lakers it's not always home sweet home     
OSC    Flash host playoff semi-final Monday     
Philly Daily News   10 things to ponder as NBA playoffs get under way    
Orlando Sentinel    Is it ok for Magic fans to be happy about KG's injury?   Cleveland - Boston rematch less likely       
ProJo  Garnett's injury has taken air out of Celtics' title balloon      
Wall Street Journal  Celtics and Spurs play a man down      
Salt Lake Tribune   Utah Flash invited to play games in Iran        
Utah News  Jazz recalls Koufos from Flash     
WEEI Green Street    Big Baby to Ticket Stub     
Rivers:   If you only knew     
Doc's orders: Ainge told to stay away from Garden    
Daily Herald  Bulls will need a healthy Salmons against Celtics     
Dime    NBA Playoffs blogger faceoff:  Celtics vs Bulls     
Canadian Press   Celtics shake off bad day, prepare for series with Bulls   
Chicago Tribune   Bulls vs Celtics:  How they match up.      
Celtics prepared for uphill battle  

If Mike Brown wins COY, it won't be because of Eastern bias
ESPN     Future is now for high school draftees     
A tall glass of 1 percent     
HoopsAddict   Injured Garnett continues to lead Celtics       
DaBullz  John Salmons on facing shorthanded Celtics & recovering from injury    
CBS Sports   When it's King versus curses, Cleveland can win... Right?    
Inside Bay Area   Flawed Cavs face Cleveland's legacy of losing   
NBA Outsider    Rumor Mill:  Garnett isn't out     
Enterprise  Team still shaken over Ainge heart attack      
SouthCoast Today   Loss of Garnett leaves Celtics without their identity   Two months, 16 teams, one trophy and 10 big questions     


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