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Well so much for homecourt.....

If every game is like this, we're all going to need the number for DA's cardiologist.

  • Derrick Rose was fantastic for the Bulls.   It seemed like anything he put up within 10 feet of the basket, regardless of the angle or his own momentum went in.  Ridiculous game from the Rookie of the Year.
  • Rajon.  Wow.  Rondo was just as ridiculous as Rose in this game.  29 points, 9 boards and 7 assists.  With only one turnover (which was kind of Perk's fault).
  • Paul had a chance to effectively clinch it at the line.  He missed the 2nd free throw.  Very painful.
  • Pierce got hot to start the 2nd half and sparked a mini-comeback to get the game within range.  Then did nothing for awhile.  Then came up with some nice plays in the fourth.   In total - kind of an uneven performance from Pierce.  The late turnover while holding the ball versus Hinrich cannot happen. 
  • However, Ray was not uneven.  He was way off today.  Let's all just agree to chalk it up to one bad game and not overreact that Ray is struggling in the playoffs again.   I really thought that last shot would finally drop for Ray.  ugh.
  • Glen Davis was OK filling in for KG.  While he scored 18 points he only had 3 boards which is totally unacceptable.   Leon was a complete non factor.  If the Celtics don't get more out of Leon and BBD this isn't going to be a series. 
  • I challenge you to find an instance where Noah set a legal screen in this game.  He makes Perk's moving screens look textbook.  
  • Two obligatory comments.  NBA officiating is atrocious (for both teams) and ESPN announcers are atrocious (Jon Barry - please quit your day job).  That was my original comment that I wrote early in the 4th.  Then the end of the game happened and now I need another bullet. 
  • Disclaimer:  What follows is a complaint about officiating.  That is NOT the reason the Celtics lost though.  How was there no foul when 3 Bulls fell on Rondo during the loose ball with 30 seconds to go?  How does Eddie Rush over turn a travel call from the other side of the court - if the whistle blew shouldn't if have been a jump ball?  How does Bennett then call a ticky tack foul on Rondo to put rose on the line?

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