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Starting Five - 4/21

I'm still just a jumble of emotions and thoughts, so here's a few brief ones that might have been overlooked last night:

  • Bulls fans are putting this one squarely on the shoulders of the head coach.  Matt from Blog-a-Bull also makes this statement "It's official that the Bulls are fairly evenly matched against the Celtics."  Some of you in the comments also agree (due to the injuries to KG and Powe).  I still disagree.  Paul Pierce and Ray Allen alone should tip the scales in our favor and if Rondo is healthy, that's still a Big Three.  Toss in Perkins and Big Baby and you have a better starting rotation.  I think the Bulls are playing over their heads and the C's are not playing up to their capabilities.  Hopefully the team will prove me right over the next few games.  (We do, however, need to see a lot more from our bench.)
  • One thing I do know.  I'm adding Joakim Noah to the list of players that I simply don't like seeing on the basketball court.  Nobody wants to be called a "hater" but I guess you could label it that if you want.  Here's Noah in a nutshell to me: Take KG and all his antics and most of his energy.  Remove almost all of the talent and beat him senseless with an ugly stick.  That's Noah (and that might be giving him too much credit).  Also on my list: Bibby, Varejao, Sasha, and the Pistons.  Kobe has a whole category of his own.
  • Taking a step back, I have to admit this is an entertaining series thus far. I'm just hoping for some wins that are boring blowouts.  My heart can't take much more of this.
  • Speaking of which, the important news yesterday was that Ainge seems to be home and recovering well.  He even visited the shootaround.  Very happy to hear that.
  • I simply can't say enough good things about Rajon Rondo.  I really hope his performance in game one doesn't get overlooked or forgotten about just because Rose had a better one and the Bulls won.  Couple it with game two and he's stepped up in a huge, huge way for us when we need him most.

Bonus link: Should Doc have used Tony Allen more?

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