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Overrated Bulls Home Court Advantage?

Much has been made of the Bulls 14-2 home record since making the trade to bring over Salmons and Miller.

Matt from Blog-a-Bull breaks it down game by game and isn't all that impressed.

But while that does mean we should make the assumption that they'd be even better against this Celtics team at home (especially a playoff crowd),  I don't think they have some mystical home court edge that has me believing this will be easy.

I guess it's just to say that this great home winning record didn't feel that great when watching it, and doesn't look that great in retrospect. The Bulls beat a lot of teams they should have beaten, oftentimes by not as much as they should've beat them by.

But they were wins nonetheless. And getting them is better than not being able to take care of business at home.

Perhaps Matt is being a little hard on his guys.  Just about any team can make a run and make an easy win into a close game.  It is impressive that the Bulls were able to take care of business and win those games.

With that said, all that matters now is who wins the next few games.  Home court or not, the best team always wins in a 7 game series.  The Bulls earned home court by taking game one away from us.  It is the Celtics job to take one (or two) back in Chicago.

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