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Blog Assists - 4/23

I'm in a point guard kind of mood today, so I'm going to toss the ball around the blog-o-sphere and pick up some blog assists.  Here are some Celtics blog posts to check out today (I'm sure the Daily Links will pick up whatever I miss):

Celtics Hub - Is Glen Davis a Good Player?  -  Zach Lowe looks at why Davis is ranked among the 45 least productive players in Wins Produced.

CSN - Scalabrine to the Rescue - Jack Jemsek looks at Mikki Moore's lack of production and thinks that Brian Scalabrine can do it better.

Full Court Press - Give and Go - a back and forth dialogue looking at the series.  They make the case that the Bulls are better than their seed.  Maybe on the level of the Hawks and Heat or maybe even as good as the Magic.

Celtics17 - Top 10 PGs - Rondo comes in 5th.  A nice offseason discussion that I hope I won't have time to ponder anytime soon.

Red's Army - Welcome to the New Red's Army - they finally ditched the frames and loaded up the site on a more customized blog platform (Typepad).  A big improvement.

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